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October 2013


Articles on :

Are HMRC being unreasonable? (HMRC Relationships with tax payers)

HMRC Powers

HMRC Undeclared Income Campaign   ..more info

April 2013


Articles on :

Loan to Participators (Overdrawn Directors Account)

Disclosure Update

Fairness in Tax

Lessons from the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility   ..more info

March 2013


Budget 2013 Update

The Best of the Rest   ..more info

February 2013


Articles on :

HMRC Wins landmark Inheritance Tax Case on Appeal

Travelling expenses for Doctors denied    ..more info

December 2012


Christmas Newsletter

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) for capital allowances ..more info


March/April 2012


Budget 2012 Update

Now the dust has settled ..more info

February 2012


HMRC Launches Contractual Disclosure Facility

  • HMRC have launched yet another new scheme of disclosure for taxpayers suspected of committing serious tax fraud

  • Late Filing Penalty Quashed

  • Tax Deductible Expenses ..more info