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May 2011


Tax Rewards For Innovative Companies

  • Increase in Research and Development Tax Credits to 125% from 1 April 2012

  • The amount of the tax rebate available to loss making companies will not be limited by the amount of PAYE they have suffered

  • Proposed reduced rate of Corporation Tax for companies that patent their products in the UK ..more info

April 2011


Budget Round-up

  • Reduced IHT rate where gifts made to charities

  • IR35: Not yet scrapped but changes announced

  • Avoidance schemes cash flow advantage reduced

  • Summary of tax rate changes ...more info

January 2011


Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility

  • Not necessary to currently have funds in Liechtenstein in order to participate
  • The disclosure is limited to the period from April 1999 (rather than the normal 20 year period) meaning a substantial reduction in the potential tax due
  • Immunity from prosecution
  • A fixed penalty of 10% will be charged (under normal tax rules penalties can be as high as 100% of the tax payable ...more info



December 2010



Christmas Update

  • Changes to Pension Relief
  • Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility
  • Changes to Capital Allowances Rules
  • Enterprise Management Incentives update. ...more info


September 2010


Entrepreneurs' Relief

  • Following the change in tax rate, QCB Loan Notes are no longer given ER at the date they are issued; previously the gain was reduced by 4/9ths before being held over in the QCBs. QCBs will now only receive ER if they qualify at the date they are disposed of.
  • To ensure that companies continue to qualify as trading they should be kept lean with investments not allowed to build up in the company/group. ...more info


Offshore Disclosure


'A second bite at the apple'

  • Favourable penalty rates offered by the NDO for voluntary disclosure of assets
  • Undisclosed income may not attract any penalty
  • Details for the requirements for disclosure...more info
Spring 09 Newsletter


HMRC Powers and Procedures
  • HMRC under goes radical overhaul of powers, procedures, penalties and deterrents, implemented from 1 April 2009
  • HMRC extending credit to businesses having difficulty meeting their tax liabilities
  • Losses can be carried back one year ...more info
Christmas 08 Newsletter


Pre-Budget Report - Business Tax Summary

  • Extension on Carry Back on Trading Loss of Business
  • Tax Relief for Business Expenditure on Cars
  • VAT Rate Cuts...more info
Autumn 08 Newsletter


Business Tax Update
  • Protect Your Assets
  • Contractors and IR35
  • New Penalty Powers...more info
Autumn 07 Newsletter


  • CGT and IHT Reforms
  • Income Shifting
  • Penalties on Directors...more info
Spring 07 Newsletter


Offshore Assets - Revenue Announce Tax Amnesty

  • Tax Amnesty
  • LLPs and Property
  • Accounting for Share Based Payments FRS 20...more info
Summer 06 Newsletter


  • Litigation Support
  • Changes to Trusts
  • Overseas Property...more info
Christmas 05 Newsletter


  • Pre Budget Announcement
  • Pension ‘A’ Day...more info
Autumn 05 Newsletter


  • Changes in the Use of Investigations
  • Small Business Rates Relief
  • Arctic Systems Update...more info